Bedside Reading

Christmas Shopping Ideas

November 28, 2023 Bedside Reading Podcast Season 5 Episode 20
Bedside Reading
Christmas Shopping Ideas
Show Notes

It's such a treat to welcome back Ana Sampson for a dive into ideas for your Jolabokaflod.  As happens every time I speak to Ana we set out to think about a few books - the brief today was 5 - and end up side tracked and delighted to talk about more.

Ana's own poetry collection Gods and Monsters is definitely up there for me as a book to buy (or request...)

You can buy your Christmas Books wherever you most enjoy shopping but here's a link to my favourite independent bookshop's storefront on the fabulous platform

We talked about:

Gods and Monsters curated by Ana Sampson

The Whalebone Theatre 
by Joanna Quinn

The Beasts of Paris by Stef Penny

Skip to the End
by Molly James

Impossible Creatures by Katherine Rundell

Storyland for Children by Amy Jeffs

Femina by Jamina Ramirez

Dominion by Tom Holland

England on Fire by Stephen Elcock and Matt Osman

The Ghost Theatre by Matt Osman

Lost and Never Found by Simon Mason

Dead Rich and The Conspirators by William Shaw